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The Experience

Well hello! Thank you so much for checking out my site! Below you will find some information about what to expect when booking with me, things like how the process works, how to prepare for your session, and common questions I receive! There are also testimonials below so you can hear first hand how others felt about their experience. 

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The Process - Start to Finish!

The process for a session can vary a little depending on what kind of photoshoot you are looking for. Overall, it is 4 basic steps! Step one, let's chat! We will start out with a consultation in order to plan out the perfect shoot you envision, scheduling time, date, and an amazing location! Step two, pamper yourself! Treat yourself to hair and makeup before your session, wear your favorite earrings or a new pair of shoes, or you can even check out my client closet! The goal is to feel pretty!! Step three, let's have some fun! The goal is to relax and be exactly who YOU are! I am here to capture YOU! Your beauty, your love story, your joy! I will be there through every step of the way to ensure you have the best time! And lastly, step four, time to start getting excited!! Your precious memories will be delivered to you in a full, private downloadable gallery within 1-2 weeks, and while you wait, you can enjoy some sneak peeks! It's that simple and care free! What are you waiting for!? Let's get this started! 

How to Prepare for your session

Often, clients ask themselves, "How do I even prepare for a photoshoot?" and the first thing I say is to Embrace YOU! So many women want to lose weight before a shoot or wait until their skin is clear and perfect, or until they have bought the perfect outfit... None of those things are what I capture. Your soul is what my camera sees, and believe me, all the rest won't matter when you are looking back on them with joy! I myself have been in front of the camera for multiple types of shoots, and I fully understand how intimidating it can be. But I can safely say that the nervousness does NOT last very long when you find a photographer that is your perfect fit! It makes it so worth it! So breathe, remind yourself that you are worth it, and see yourself of the gem you are! I am here to be your hype girl!! So whether you want to book a boudior session or you are getting married, it is my goal to pump you up and make you feel as amazing as you are!


Commonly asked questions 

Q: Can I bring multiple outfits for a shoot? 

A: Absolutely! I have that mentioned in my pricing that I encourage multiple outfits to keep it interesting!

Q: Is hair & makeup included in your pricing?

A: Hair & Makeup is not included, but I do offer the amazing artists to you so you can book with them directly!

Q: Do you shoot with models too or just paid clients? Is TFP an options? 

A: I am open to working with models to create some magic, but I always ask that models pay any studio fees required and if they have ideas for props or outfits, they be purchase by the model as well. 

Q: Can I bring props or personal items to my shoot?

A: Please do!! I love putting your personal touch on your photos and that's a great way to do so!!

Q: Do you do photoshoots up north or just in Phoenix?

A: I shoot all over Arizona! There is a travel fee included if it is outside of the Phoenix area but I love traveling around our beautiful state to get the perfect location!

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