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Boudior Guide to Lingerie - What to wear to your boudior shoot!

I am a firm believer that there is no set outfit or "look" when it comes to boudior! A boudior session is fully about YOU! And I have done shoots ranging from completely nude to fully clothed! It is 100% about your comfort, preference, and style! So lets get into some outfit guides for your session.

Do I have to wear lingerie?

That is completely up to you! Depending on how comfortable you are, you can wear lingerie, a baggy tshirt or button up, jeans with a cute bralette, or even just sheets! There are lots of options!


Choosing what outfit works best for you can be challenging! Whether its two or three outfits, I always suggest a comfy outfit (something you feel comfortable in), a steamy outfit (something that makes you feel like a bad ass babe!) and a personal outfit (something that has meaning or sentimental value).

Great options for shopping for boudior attire!

  1. Victoria's Secret/PINK

  2. Fascinations/Castle

  3. Forever 21

  4. ASOS

  5. Fashion Nova

  6. For Love & Lemons

  7. Savage X Fenty

  8. Amazon

Some ideas to make your boudior session more uniquely YOU!

There are SO many ways to spice up your boudior session to make it unique and special! Are you a bride looking to gift these images to your partner? Bring along a veil and garter! Total nerd? Wear a graphic tee with your favorite character! Just want to feel like a queen? We'll throw a crown on you!

Whether you are doing these photos solely for you or you want to gift them to someone else, it is so fun and easy to customize!

Some tips to give an extra touch!

  • Paint your nails! You don't necessarily have to go all out with acrylics, just a simple color or even press ons from Target!

  • Come to your session wearing loose fitting clothes. It will help alleviate any lines or marks on your skin.

  • What happens if you are on your period? Prepare for the BEST PERIOD EVER! No need to stress if your time of the month happens to fall at the same time as your shoot! You will get pampered and treated like a princess, so just remember to stay hydrated and wear a tampon or cup and enjoy being treated like a queen for the day!

  • Another thing to try not to stress about is breakouts/blemishes! Whatever makeup doesn't cover will be retouched and you'll never know!

  • An image can really be elevated with some simple jewelry! Whatever your style!


When considering hiring a photographer for a boudior shoot, there are some things to keep in mind. Remember, every woman has one or more of the following... rolls, stretch marks, cellulite, scars, body hair, loose skin, etc. Every body is perfect exactly as you are! It is what makes you human! And something I am a firm believer is to photograph my clients exactly as you are! I don't want you to see a photoshopped, unrecognizable, unauthentic you... When you receive your images, I want you to see YOU! In all of your feminine glory and magnificence! I can safely say from experience with having my own boudior session done that it is one of the most freeing, empowering, and best expression of self love! Loving yourself exactly as you are is a long-term process, and I would love to be a part of that!

Hey! That's me!

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